Breeding Habits of Pigeons

  • Pigeon nests consist of twigs, sticks, grass, pantyhose, nails, needles, socks, and feces ( almost anything they can find) clumped together to form a platform.
  • Pigeons are monogamous birds mating for life. Although the summer months are increased mating periods, In Las Vegas and southern Nevada pigeons can mate year around due to the warmer climate.
  • Pigeons are NOT Migratory birds which means they do not fly south for the winter. They stay put all year round.
  • 8-12 days after mating, the female will lay 2 eggs, which hatch after approximately 18 days.
  • When pigeons are born, they feed on pigeon milk, which is secreted from both parents.
  • Most young leave the nest at approximately 4 to 6 weeks of age. During this time another batch of eggs may have already been laid.
  • This means every 26 days pigeons can lay 2 eggs. One pair of adult pigeons can create 28 birds in 1 year!