Don't Put Up With Pigeon Droppings

Trust us for thorough waste removal services in Las Vegas, Henderson & Spring Valley, NV

When you need pigeon waste removal services at your home or commercial facility in the Las Vegas, Henderson & Spring Valley, NV area, choose a pigeon control company that does a thorough job. The Pigeon Control Pros use a three-step process to sanitize your space and make it safe for children and pets.

Using the well-known DSV method, we'll:

Disinfect surfaces.
Sanitize surfaces.
Apply a virucide to affected areas.

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waster removal services IN LAS VEGAS, HENDERSON & SPRING VALLEY, NV

Don't wait for someone to get sick

Time is of the essence when it comes to waste removal services. That's because contact with pigeon waste can lead to:

E. coli-A disease that causes severe nausea, fever and cramps. This can be contracted by consuming water or food contaminated by pigeon droppings.

Salmonellosis-An infection that causes digestive distress and vomiting. This can be caught by coming into contact with surfaces dirtied by pigeon droppings.

Histoplasmosis or candidiasis-Respiratory diseases that can lead to irritation of the mouth, intestines and urinary tract. These can be caught by inhaling the fungus that grows in pigeon droppings.

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